Engage Co-op ATM Network

The best-recognized credit union ATM network with over 30,000* ATMs nationwide

Your members demand easy access to their accounts wherever they live, work or travel.

Co-op ATM network offers over 30,000* surcharge-free ATMs, covering all 50 states and 10 countries – an ATM network that’s larger than almost any bank’s – backed by Co-op’s unparalleled branding, experience and support.

*As of June 2021


With innovative locator tools, customizable marketing materials, subsidized ATM signage and a range of optional ATM innovations that make managing your ATM fleet simple and easy, Co-op ATM also helps you leverage your ATM fleet’s full marketing and operational potential. As self-service options become increasingly important, Co-op keeps you ahead of the curve with capabilities and features that improve the ATM experience and strengthen security.

Top Reasons to Connect to Co-op ATM:

  1. Leverage the visibility of the best-recognized, highest-quality credit union ATM network.
  2. Provides surcharge-free access to more credit unions than any other network, plus thousands of retail locations.
  3. Simplify operations with turnkey implementation, easy connectivity and complete management support.
  4. Maximize member convenience with online, telephone and mobile app locator tools.

ATM Signage Program

Increase visibility of your Co-op ATMs. Take advantage of a subsidized signage program that promotes your brand and Co-op ATMs with materials ranging from toppers and wraps to building signs, kiosks and more. Showcase your credit union's identity and strengthen recognition of the convenience you provide as part of a nationwide ATM network whose scope vials the biggest banks. Co-op's ATM signage program provide everything you need. 


Locator Services

Finding the nearest ATM or branch can be simple. Minimal clicks, minimal searching, immediate direction. A hassle-free experience should be the rule - not the exception.

Co-op’s suite of locator services gives your members real-time access to over 30,000 ATM locations. Plus, they’ll gain access to thousands of Shared Branching locations.

Locator API Program

The Locator API is a remote feed that operates through direct JSON form posting of data to a URL.
Members can perform a search on your credit union website or mobile application for ATM locations, Shared Branching locations, or both and the results are displayed directly to your preferred channel. The Locator API is now part of Co-op's Developer Portal.


Mobile Apps
Co-op ATM / Shared Branch Locator: iPhone or Android 


Call 1-888-SITE-CO-OP (888-748-3266) to find a location by telephone.


Text a ZIP Code to 91989 to find nearby ATM and Shared Branch Locations.


Search Widgets
Embed a Co-op search widget on your website to help members find Co-op locations by ZIP code.


Mobile & Online Integration
Your members can search on YOUR credit union website or mobile app and results will be returned to your preferred channel via our Locator API feed. Registration of an API key is required to use the Locator feed. The Locator API is now part of Co-op's Developer Portal.