Integrate My Co-op

My Co-op

A single launching point for all your Co-op tools and applications.  

My Co-op dramatically simplifies the way you log in and manage your Co-op solutions, reporting and card management, while using the latest security technology to ensure that your data – and your members’ – is safe.

We’re expanding our Co-op ecosystem so that you can be more efficient and productive, enjoy greater security, have greater access to and understanding of your data, and build greater agility for fast times to come. My Co-op makes it easier for you to manage everything you do with Co-op and – by improving and streamlining your experience – also empowers you to do more.

My Co-op offers:

  • Convenient access to all Co-op applications in one location
  • Intuitive user interface that learns which applications you use most and positions them for easiest access
  • An advanced framework utilizing Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to authorize users for many of the most-used applications, reducing the need to remember multiple log-ins.
  • Multifactor authentication for enhanced security and PCI 3.2 compliance* in a single pass, rather than app by app

 *My Co-op uses the latest in multifactor authentication and Identity as a Service (IDaaS) security features.