Protect Case Management & Cardholder Tools

Case Management

This curation of analytical and management software solutions ensures we compile the data necessary to detect, investigate and inform members about fraudulent transactions while minimizing inconvenience. 

Co-op's Fraud Detection Agents experts use solutions such as:

  • Co-op Cooper Fraud Analyzer which opens a case for further investigation when a transaction is flagged as suspicious. The disposition of the transaction is recorded, so Co-op Cooper can learn from the experience, adding yet another layer of intelligence to the system. 
  • Transaction and account-based fraud case management and reconciliation.
Case Manage

Cardholder Tools

Additionally, the cardholder is engaged in mobile resolution efforts as well. Credit unions can  can empower members with card controls and alerts, making them a first line of defense against fraud. Solutions include:

  • CardNav® by Co-op – Transaction-level alerts and controls empower members to decide when, where and how their cards are used – in advance and in real time. This inspires member confidence, increases member engagement with the mobile channel and helps your credit union meet its digital strategy. 
  • Fraud Alerts – Two-way member correspondence via text, email or voice confirms or denies suspicious transactions. If the member does not recognize the transaction, the card will be blocked and the lost/stolen process will be initiated. A similar process is enabled for voice alerts that are responded to and resolved by our fraud management experts.