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ATM Signage Program

This program not only showcases your credit union's identity, it also strengthens recognition of the convenience you provide as part of a nationwide ATM network whose scope rivals the largest banks. 

*A CO-OP Card Processing client can receive a maximum of $25,000 reimbursement dollars per year, any combination of the above. If your credit union participates in the surcharge-free CO-OP ATM Network ONLY, then the subsidy is $400 for Tier 1, $1,000 for Tier 2, up to a maximum of $20,000 per year.  

Subsidized Signage in five simple steps

Step 1: Apply here

Step 2: Upon approval of your application, you will work with our exclusive vendor, Companion, to create the artwork and produce the signage  Companion 1.800.258.8082 x406

Step 3:
Submit the estimate and artwork to Co-op for approval before production. Signage must contain your credit union logo and the Co-op ATM logo. The Co-op ATM logo must be displayed on at least 25% of the sign's surface. Network identifier panels are not covered in the program, however your own panels must comply with network rules and display all network logos equally sized

Step 4:
Once you receive approval on the estimate and artwork, you may have the signage produced (Please note if the materials are printed without first having the artwork approved by Co-op, and the wrong logo is used &/or the materials do not meet requirements, Co-op will not be responsible for reimbursement)

Step 5: Submit the paid invoice and photos of the installed sign/topper/surround along with a W-9 form to Co-op at for reimbursement 

Up to $25,000 per year

Significant subsidies worth up to $25,000 per year, per credit union, for Co-op Card Processing clients.


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