Engage Controls and Alerts

Card Controls & Alerts

Give members complete control over their cards
CardNav® by Co-op provides transaction-level alerts and controls via members’, inspiring confidence and moving credit union debit and credit cards to the top-of-wallet position. At the same time, CardNav increases member engagement with the mobile channel and assists credit unions in meeting their digital strategy. 

With card controls and alerts, CardNav empowers members to decide when, where and how their cards are used – in advance and in real time. 


CardNav gives members the ability to: 

  • Turn cards on and off
  • Restrict types of purchases made 
  • Receive and respond to instant transaction alerts 
  • Enter and edit international travel events 
  • Set location services to deter fraudulent activity 
  • Limit spending amounts to help reach your budget goals 
  • Set card alerts to monitor purchases and take immediate actions 
  • Enjoy the latest features in security technology - fingerprint and facial login, and a one-time controls override capability

There are three different ways you can purchase CardNav: 

  • Credit union-branded app: Leveraging card controls to bridge the service gap 
  • Companion app: Integrating card controls with your existing mobile app 
  • API integration: Fully integrating the API for custom functionality