Protect Integrated Scoring & Decisioning

Co-op responds to today’s dynamic fraud environment with agility that ensures transactions are approved or declined based on the most up-to-date strategies, tailored to your credit union’s own specific requirements.

Integrated Scoring

Our broad selection of the industry’s leading tools for fraud risk evaluation offers flexibility to tailor a multifaceted, mutually reinforcing front line of defenses against fraud. One that best suits your credit union while evolving alongside our solution offerings. 

Co-op’s to Fraud Prevention & Solutions Consultants build and customize fraud strategies that include the optimal mix of the following scoring solutions: 

  • Card network/brand fraud scoring 
  • Integrated merchant profile-driven scoring
  • Debit network intelligence scoring
  • Neural network or advanced machine learning algorithm-driven scoring
  • Co-op Cooper Fraud Score is a dynamic, integrated, real-time machine learning score that helps your credit union react more quickly to fraud trends. Co-op Cooper Fraud Score supports your bottom line by providing: 
    • A reduction in false positive ratios 
    • A reduction in fraud chargebacks
    • A decrease in fraud losses

Modular Decisioning

Improving the way risk decisions are made on the front end, our diverse platforms provide a variety of ways to consume integrated scores that help identify fraud as it happens and minimize false positives. This enables your Fraud Prevention Consultant to rapidly fine-tune fraud policies and rules to best fit your unique member base and evolving circumstances. 

Our Fraud Prevention Consultants proactively identify fraud trends to optimize and implement: 

  • Policy execution through rules
  • Fraud rules strategy
  • Special provisioning or exception handling 
  • Flexible white and blacklist management 
  • Co-op Cooper Fraud Analyzer employs rules and real-time decisioning to provide fraud prevention to all Shared Branch network account-based products.