Pay Credit

Full-Service Credit Card Programs

Your members want a credit card program with a full slate of cardholder benefits. You want the revenue and relationship-building potential that a thriving credit card program offers. How do you provide the features and service members expect without stretching your operational capacity?


Co-op Full Service Credit makes it simple to add the competitive, benefit-rich credit products members expect – or increase the usage and profitability of a credit card program you already have. Available for both consumers and businesses, Full-Service Credit combines analytics, fraud reduction, risk management and loyalty in a highly integrated, fully hosted and managed card processing program. Enjoy full customization and operational simplicity without compromise.

Co-op Full Service Credit offers:

The gold standard for comprehensive capabilities:

  • Credit card processing and issuance
  • Fraud and risk management
  • Loyalty programs and card enhancements
  • API access and support
  • Dedicated project implementation and management support
  • Analytics and tools to drive card usage, profitability and growth
  • Portfolio consulting services
  • Easily managed single source of account information, marketing and rewards for cardholders
  • Credit union real-time access to card account information via the Springboard™ application

In-House Credit

Are you looking for greater control over your credit card program without sacrificing efficiency – or the wide range of cardholder features and benefits your members are looking for? Manage credit, debit and ATM - and wealth of benefits from a single platform.

Co-op In-House Credit operates from the same platform as our debit payment services and ATM processing, so you can manage all of your card programs using a single integrated channel. In-House Credit lets you maintain control over back office operations, and provide your members with service they recognize. Card fulfillment, cardholder benefits, security, loyalty programs, and data analytics tools make Co-op In-House Credit a comprehensive solution.

Key benefits of using Co-op In-House Credit:

  • Streamlines operations with a single platform and a single point of contact for credit and debit.
  • Boosts revenue by leveraging credit card program revenue to strengthen your loan portfolio.
  • Cuts costs by lowering processing expenses through expanded relationship pricing advantages from Co-op.
  • Improves member service with real-time data integration that eliminates float and lag time for payment and transaction processing, and works seamlessly with your home and mobile banking platforms.