Protect Identity & Authentication

To support a seamless e-commerce experience for members and credit unions, this solutions suite will soon enable authentication before authorization – with single-platform member identification extending from account opening and login to digital and Co-op Contact Center engagements. All authentication experiences are created and implemented by our experienced Fraud Prevention Consultants, who proactively design rules and policies that optimize member experience while reducing fraud and account takeovers. Currently, this is enabled through:

  • EMV® 3-D Secure (EMV 3DS), a globally deployed technology that helps mitigate fraud for card-not-present transactions, including online and ecommerce payments. EMV 3DS is supported by all major payment networks. 
  • One-time passcode (OTP) is an optional feature for EMV 3DS. It enables specific EMV 3DS challenge rules to send an OTP to a member for certain card-not-present transactions that exhibit heightened risk, providing an additional layer of authentication for EMV 3DS transactions and further verifying the member’s identity. Enabling OTP ensures card member security while preserving the overall EMV 3DS member experience.