Picture a Miracle Happening at
Your CO-OP Network ATM

Self-service convenience. Coast-to-coast access. Surcharge-free. What else could your CO-OP ATM offer to earn even more love from your members? How about a miracle.

Whenever you or your members visit a CO-OP ATM between May 9 and August 31, simply post a pic of the ATM and tag it #ATMs4CMN. CO-OP will donate $10 to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Every picture makes a difference. The donation for even a single photo can enhance the impact credit unions have on over 10 million children every year treated at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The CO-OP ATM Network of Miracles campaign is an engaging way to involve your members in the community spirit that defines the credit union movement—while also reminding them wherever they travel during the summer about the benefits of your nearly 30,000-strong, nationwide, surcharge-free ATM Network.

So get ready to inspire some miracles and encourage your members to do the same. It's easy:

  1. Visit a CO-OP Network ATM
  2. Take a picture
  3. Post it to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with the hashtag #ATMs4CMN.
  4. Commence miracle


In order to make it easy for credit unions to join in, we’ve made available a social kit which includes social media banners, social post copy and newsletter article copy. Just download the kit below to gain access to these promotional tools.


You can view the Terms and Conditions here

Donations from #ATMs4CMN will be provided to Credit Unions for Kids to enhance fundraising across the country to help create turnkey campaigns and resources, and engage employees/members more effectively.