Co-op is proud to partner with the National Credit Union Foundation and the RMJ Foundation, both of which offer financial education resources and tools for credit unions to assist members, with a special focus on youth.

The work of these organizations is especially crucial while schools are closed and parents are searching for ways to supplement home learning.

National Credit Union Foundation

The National Credit Union Foundation offers Biz Kid$, a credit union-funded and branded financial education program for young adults. Biz Kid$ encourages the next generation to care about their financial future through lessons in entrepreneurship, money, managing finances and more. 

Each Biz Kid$ episode shows kids how to make and manage money. To keep young viewers engaged, the series includes a fast-paced mix of direct education delivered by young actors, sketch comedies, and stories featuring real life young entrepreneurs. Biz Kid$ uses the power of television to teach students how to use credit wisely and reinforces the importance of budgeting, saving, and giving back to the community.

Biz Kid$ Include:

• Six upbeat seasons of Emmy award-winning edutainment television available on YouTube or streaming via Amazon Prime. Learn More

• Free classroom curriculum and outreach activities for each episode that are mapped to individual state standards. Learn More

• Resource-filled interactive website with engaging financial education games, blog and toolkits to keep kids engaged in learning and the conversation around Biz Kid$. Learn More


RMJ Foundation

The RMJ Foundation provides financial education resources for credit unions in California and Nevada. Their hallmark program, Bite of Reality, targets teenagers and offers financial education, such as car buying, home buying, and budgeting, using experiential learning. 

RMJ Foundation has launched a remote version of the Bite of Reality app that credit unions can use to provide Reality Fair* content online. This new app takes the traditional, in-person Reality Fair concept, where students learn to live the financial life of an adult, from a group setting into their own homes. For more information, please email

*A Reality Fair is an interactive financial education experience for students. The Reality Fair concept is a unique opportunity for students to experience some of the financial challenges they will face when they start life on their own