What Do Young People Believe In? Look to Repurposed Churches.

5 February, 2014  

Alberta Abbey With prominent church steeples rising every few blocks, a stroll through downtown Portland might give the impression of a city with a healthy religious population. Typing “church” into Google Maps Portland will color your map red with God’s houses by..
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From Germany to Australia, a Global Perspective on Obamacare

6 November, 2013  

file1291279077714 The United States roll out of the Health Insurance Marketplace has turned into a massive technological mess, one that is overshadowing why the Affordable Care Act was created in the first place. And don’t forget the government shutdown last month,..
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International Events Use Collaboration To Foster Real Change

25 October, 2013  

balloons If you’ve ever planned an event, you will fully appreciate the need for both leadership and collaboration. When it comes to brainstorming the ins and outs of an event—the goals, the keynote speaker, the promotion and all those other elements—the..
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Host a Naked Lady Party and Revamp Your Wardrobe for Free

10 October, 2013  

Pile of Clothing I remember when there was a stigma attached to wearing second hand clothes: namely, your family was too poor to buy new. Thanks to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, secondhand is now awesome. But instead of paying a few bucks for..
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SNAP Budget Cuts Will Worsen Current Problem in America: Food Insecurity

1 October, 2013  

file000996064498 I recently overheard a woman complaining about Russian immigrants exploiting the food stamps program, now dubbed the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The subtext was that people who are on SNAP are generally exploiting the system. To me, this said..
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From Organic Pesticides to Food Miles, Issues Surrounding Food Consumption Are Anything but Simple

6 September, 2013  

00791 The Osprey chicks that live near my friend’s house have grown into teenagers, with the mouthiness to prove it. As I listened to them squawk for mom to come feed them – they probably wanted to order a pizza –..
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Cooperation douses base camp to fight fire more effectively

4 September, 2013  

Base camp for wildfire in The Dalles, Oregon I recently spent time at base camp of a wildfire in Oregon. I always knew it took a lot of collaboration and teamwork to fight fire, but I really had no idea all that went into it. Time spent was..
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The Largest Public Art Weaving in the U.S. Made Possible by Industry Surplus Materials

21 August, 2013  

View of the street names and Boulder Creek on the front fence. Published by: Art Parts Creative Reuse Center Staff, BOULDER, Colorado, USA. Who doesn’t appreciate well-considered public art, especially when it costs taxpayers less than $200 because it’s made almost entirely from donated industry surplus? Thanks to a collaboration between local industries..
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Share The Road – Infrastructure Crucial to Bicycle Safety

17 August, 2013  

Bike Box in Portland I lay sprawled on the railroad track, the tire of my upturned bicycle still rotating. “Why,” I wondered to myself, “Do I always crash in my little hometown?” Ironically enough, I had been cycling in a bike lane that had..
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Bedouins in Israel contend with education, unemployment, and losing their land – ignites empowerment!

14 August, 2013  

Bedouin People The Bedouin people aspire to  integrate into higher education, but they often suffer from low educational achievements in schools. Women are the primary caregivers within the Bedouin family and are unable to help their children with homework. Due to their..
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