Last Resort to Save Co-operation Deal in Sudan

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Last resort to save Cooperation deal between Sudan and South Sudan.

Meetings of the joint security and political committee between Sudan and South Sudan started on Tuesday in a bid to prevent the cooperation agreement signed between the two sides from collapsing.The meetings of the committee come after the two sides have so far failed to implement the comprehensive cooperation deal, namely with regard to its security part relating to border demarcation, deployment of troops on a buffer zone and breaking the link between South Sudan’s army and armed groups fighting the government in Khartoum. They also follow intensive talks between South Sudan’s chief negotiator Pagan Amum and senior Sudanese government officials in Khartoum to find a positive atmosphere that helps the two sides to overcome their differences over the oil file which slowed down the implementation of the deal.

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Khartoum talks ‘last resort to save co-operation deal’



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