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Cooperative Child Care in Italy

10 August, 2013  

Cooperative Child Care The Parent Co-Op Care program is a private organization and daycare operated on the air force base, which provides free childcare for service members and their families in exchange for their volunteered time. This one-of-a-kind program in the Air Force,..
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Co-op to sell off toxic commercial loans

27 May, 2013  

CooperativeBank The UK based Co-operative Bank will now attempt to rid the toxic commercial mortgages and loans, most of which stem from the acquisition of the Britannia Building Society in 2009. Moody’s said that the bank’s toxic debt ratio had risen..
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Co-op Project brings Students to Mongolia

23 May, 2013  

Anna Gourlay With Cooperative projects across the world, pre-junior Anna Gourlay wasn’t looking to go international for her first co-op experience, but somehow she ended up camping in Mongolia. Gourlay worked as an assistant staff scientist at the Academy of Natural Sciences..
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CloudStack Collaboration Conference

20 May, 2013  

CloudStack Conference CloudStack is gearing up for a second collaboration conference in Santa Clara from June 23-25. last years event was held in Las Vegas from Nov.30-Dec 2nd. Here is some video of last years event. videos from last year’s..
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Electric cable a symbol of Korean cooperation

27 April, 2013  

Korean electical workers hug after losing their jobs An electrical cable running from South Korea over the border into North Korea is one of last lifelines for more than 200 South Korean workers at a joint industrial park that North Korea has shut down amid fears of war...
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Echo360 acquires ThinkBinder

20 April, 2013  

Echo 360 purchases Thinkbinder Distance learning and educational software provider Echo360 has acquired ThinkBinder, a
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Mental health collaboration develops method for sharing patient data

10 March, 2013  

mental health It appears researchers at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. have singled out an initiative involving state Medicaid officials who worked with pediatricians, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to develop a method for sharing patient data...
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India, Kazakhstan to carry forward civil nuclear cooperation beyond 2014

5 March, 2013  

Monument of new Delhi-India. NEW DELHI: India and Kazakhstan today agreed to carry forward their civil nuclear cooperation beyond 2014, the deadline for the supply of fuel for the reactors as per the present nuclear contract, with the uranium-rich nation assuring to help meet..
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Affordable Green Homes Created Through Collaboration

11 February, 2013  

Affordable Green Homes Lakiya Culley’s home started off as an idea by a couple of academics who didn’t want to play by the rules. Four years later, after enlisting 200 students, a nonprofit organization and a government agency, as well as community leaders and..
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Successful Funding Pitch

29 December, 2012  

sandglaz Seattle based start-up Sandglaz has reported to have raised $500,000 in funding. Sandglaz is a collaborative tool for planning and task management. Oddly, collaboration tools such as the one Sandglaz is creating are in a very competitive market,..
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