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What Do Young People Believe In? Look to Repurposed Churches.

5 February, 2014  

Alberta Abbey With prominent church steeples rising every few blocks, a stroll through downtown Portland might give the impression of a city with a healthy religious population. Typing “church” into Google Maps Portland will color your map red with God’s houses by..
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Cooperation douses base camp to fight fire more effectively

4 September, 2013  

Base camp for wildfire in The Dalles, Oregon I recently spent time at base camp of a wildfire in Oregon. I always knew it took a lot of collaboration and teamwork to fight fire, but I really had no idea all that went into it. Time spent was..
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The Largest Public Art Weaving in the U.S. Made Possible by Industry Surplus Materials

21 August, 2013  

View of the street names and Boulder Creek on the front fence. Published by: Art Parts Creative Reuse Center Staff, BOULDER, Colorado, USA. Who doesn’t appreciate well-considered public art, especially when it costs taxpayers less than $200 because it’s made almost entirely from donated industry surplus? Thanks to a collaboration between local industries..
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The Millstone Co-op Community

16 June, 2013  

millstone house Welcome to Millstone Co-op! The Boston area is seemingly overflowing with housing cooperatives. Somerville, a city just north of Boston, is home to the Millstone Coop, which houses 11 people who work in the nearby area. Millstone is nestled just..
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India, Kazakhstan to carry forward civil nuclear cooperation beyond 2014

5 March, 2013  

Monument of new Delhi-India. NEW DELHI: India and Kazakhstan today agreed to carry forward their civil nuclear cooperation beyond 2014, the deadline for the supply of fuel for the reactors as per the present nuclear contract, with the uranium-rich nation assuring to help meet..
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Affordable Green Homes Created Through Collaboration

11 February, 2013  

Affordable Green Homes Lakiya Culley’s home started off as an idea by a couple of academics who didn’t want to play by the rules. Four years later, after enlisting 200 students, a nonprofit organization and a government agency, as well as community leaders and..
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Co-Op City In The Bronx Receives $621 Million Loan

30 November, 2012  

Co-Op City in the Bronx, the nation’s largest cooperative housing complex, was set Wednesday to receive a government-insured $621 million loan that will require it to stay in an affordable housing program for decades...
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