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From Germany to Australia, a Global Perspective on Obamacare

6 November, 2013  

file1291279077714 The United States roll out of the Health Insurance Marketplace has turned into a massive technological mess, one that is overshadowing why the Affordable Care Act was created in the first place. And don’t forget the government shutdown last month,..
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SNAP Budget Cuts Will Worsen Current Problem in America: Food Insecurity

1 October, 2013  

file000996064498 I recently overheard a woman complaining about Russian immigrants exploiting the food stamps program, now dubbed the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The subtext was that people who are on SNAP are generally exploiting the system. To me, this said..
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From Organic Pesticides to Food Miles, Issues Surrounding Food Consumption Are Anything but Simple

6 September, 2013  

00791 The Osprey chicks that live near my friend’s house have grown into teenagers, with the mouthiness to prove it. As I listened to them squawk for mom to come feed them – they probably wanted to order a pizza –..
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Cooperation douses base camp to fight fire more effectively

4 September, 2013  

Base camp for wildfire in The Dalles, Oregon I recently spent time at base camp of a wildfire in Oregon. I always knew it took a lot of collaboration and teamwork to fight fire, but I really had no idea all that went into it. Time spent was..
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Share The Road – Infrastructure Crucial to Bicycle Safety

17 August, 2013  

Bike Box in Portland I lay sprawled on the railroad track, the tire of my upturned bicycle still rotating. “Why,” I wondered to myself, “Do I always crash in my little hometown?” Ironically enough, I had been cycling in a bike lane that had..
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Small town near Philly to open food co-op

11 August, 2013  

Food Co-op in Doylestown, PA Doylestown is a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 27 miles near Philly. The population is near 10,000 people. Doylestown could see a grocery store open its doors in November, as the Doylestown Food Co-op has found a location on West..
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Cooperative Child Care in Italy

10 August, 2013  

Cooperative Child Care The Parent Co-Op Care program is a private organization and daycare operated on the air force base, which provides free childcare for service members and their families in exchange for their volunteered time. This one-of-a-kind program in the Air Force,..
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South Africa: A Priority Disadvantaged Regime

1 May, 2013  

african-healthcare South Africa: A Priority Disadvantaged Regime It seems everyone in South Africa is warmly welcoming the news of the newly released antiretrovirals (ARV) drugs, called the Fixed Dose Combination (FDC) ARV’s by the department of health, which were launched in..
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Fiscal Cliff and Co-operative Heath Care

17 April, 2013  

Health Care Cooperatives The “fiscal cliff” agreement rolled back a major component of the Affordable Care Act, According to Politico, “buried in the legislation was a provision to rescind nearly all of the unobligated funding for the health insurance CO-OP loan program.” ..
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Food co-op looks to expand with use of Neighborhood Bonds

30 March, 2013  

Neighborhood Bonds are one way to raise community money for something like a food co-op. Having grown up in Ft.Collins a recent article about a Food Co-op expansion in Ft. Collins, Colorado caught my eye. What I found extremely interesting is how they are looking to finance the new project with use of bonds...
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