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From Organic Pesticides to Food Miles, Issues Surrounding Food Consumption Are Anything but Simple

6 September, 2013  

00791 The Osprey chicks that live near my friend’s house have grown into teenagers, with the mouthiness to prove it. As I listened to them squawk for mom to come feed them – they probably wanted to order a pizza –..
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Cooperation douses base camp to fight fire more effectively

4 September, 2013  

Base camp for wildfire in The Dalles, Oregon I recently spent time at base camp of a wildfire in Oregon. I always knew it took a lot of collaboration and teamwork to fight fire, but I really had no idea all that went into it. Time spent was..
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The Largest Public Art Weaving in the U.S. Made Possible by Industry Surplus Materials

21 August, 2013  

View of the street names and Boulder Creek on the front fence. Published by: Art Parts Creative Reuse Center Staff, BOULDER, Colorado, USA. Who doesn’t appreciate well-considered public art, especially when it costs taxpayers less than $200 because it’s made almost entirely from donated industry surplus? Thanks to a collaboration between local industries..
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Green Energy is Not Always So Green for the People Who Live around It

24 June, 2013  

Green Energy Green energy seems to be the only possible solution for the environmental crisis that we are facing at this point of time. However, this solution also has its fair share of drawbacks along with the advantages, just like any other..
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Noodling around with an easy way to reduce waste coffee shops

30 May, 2013  

Spaghetti Coffee Stir Sticks instead of plastic ones, as an easy and fun way to reduce waste. Last weekend I went to a wedding in Lyons Colorado. The morning after the wedding, my girlfriend and I went to a coffee shot for breakfast. As we went to reach for a plastic stir stick to mix our coffee,..
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Co-op Project brings Students to Mongolia

23 May, 2013  

Anna Gourlay With Cooperative projects across the world, pre-junior Anna Gourlay wasn’t looking to go international for her first co-op experience, but somehow she ended up camping in Mongolia. Gourlay worked as an assistant staff scientist at the Academy of Natural Sciences..
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Earth Day 2013!

22 April, 2013  

footerimg Happy Earth Day from Coop.org! We here at Coop.org feel that Earth Day is part of the embodiment of what we stand for.   Cooperation and collaboration can help the world in tremendous ways.  Simply connecting with others, communicating and increasing..
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Food co-op looks to expand with use of Neighborhood Bonds

30 March, 2013  

Neighborhood Bonds are one way to raise community money for something like a food co-op. Having grown up in Ft.Collins a recent article about a Food Co-op expansion in Ft. Collins, Colorado caught my eye. What I found extremely interesting is how they are looking to finance the new project with use of bonds...
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Affordable Green Homes Created Through Collaboration

11 February, 2013  

Affordable Green Homes Lakiya Culley’s home started off as an idea by a couple of academics who didn’t want to play by the rules. Four years later, after enlisting 200 students, a nonprofit organization and a government agency, as well as community leaders and..
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Seeking Plastic Recycling Cooperative Near Camas and Washougal

17 October, 2012  

I am passionate about plastic recycling, and looking to form a cooperative in the local Camas and Washougal area for folks who would like to team up to recycle hard and soft plastics, that are not accepted at curbed pickup...
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