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It Takes More Than One Person to Write a Book

28 March, 2013  

Fireplace with two chairs When I set out to write my fantasy series called The Overlords I never envisioned how many people I would meet – and need. As I tell my students at my workshops and presentations, the easy part is actually writing the book...
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India, Kazakhstan to carry forward civil nuclear cooperation beyond 2014

5 March, 2013  

Monument of new Delhi-India. NEW DELHI: India and Kazakhstan today agreed to carry forward their civil nuclear cooperation beyond 2014, the deadline for the supply of fuel for the reactors as per the present nuclear contract, with the uranium-rich nation assuring to help meet..
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Novel Collaboration

17 February, 2013  

The cover to the novel Creature Department. Penguin Young Readers Group (Razorbill) and special effects group Framestore will collaborate on a novel by Robert Paul Weston...
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Anyone Seen the Workplace Comedy Santa Monica Co-op Stories?

10 December, 2012  

Co-Op Stories is/was an on going comedic series about some of the daily activities that happen at the Co-Op in Santa Monica, Ca. I came upon this video series recently – being from Portland – it very much reminded me..
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