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Host a Naked Lady Party and Revamp Your Wardrobe for Free

10 October, 2013  

Pile of Clothing I remember when there was a stigma attached to wearing second hand clothes: namely, your family was too poor to buy new. Thanks to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, secondhand is now awesome. But instead of paying a few bucks for..
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From Organic Pesticides to Food Miles, Issues Surrounding Food Consumption Are Anything but Simple

6 September, 2013  

00791 The Osprey chicks that live near my friend’s house have grown into teenagers, with the mouthiness to prove it. As I listened to them squawk for mom to come feed them – they probably wanted to order a pizza –..
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Cooperation douses base camp to fight fire more effectively

4 September, 2013  

Base camp for wildfire in The Dalles, Oregon I recently spent time at base camp of a wildfire in Oregon. I always knew it took a lot of collaboration and teamwork to fight fire, but I really had no idea all that went into it. Time spent was..
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Small town near Philly to open food co-op

11 August, 2013  

Food Co-op in Doylestown, PA Doylestown is a borough in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 27 miles near Philly. The population is near 10,000 people. Doylestown could see a grocery store open its doors in November, as the Doylestown Food Co-op has found a location on West..
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Why is Money Staying Local Good for an Economy?

15 June, 2013  

Money You might have heard often that spending is good for economy but not many of us are incredibly rich to spend on unnecessary things to boost the economy. Most of us are left with just a little after buying all..
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What is New Economy? What is the Role of Cooperatives in it?

4 June, 2013  

How is the New Economy reshaping how we do business, especially when it comes to the Cooperative business model. The recent economic turmoil has proved one thing for sure and it is the fact that businesses need to move away from the traditional corporate structure and embrace grass roots capitalism. And this is how we define the new economy...
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Co-op to sell off toxic commercial loans

27 May, 2013  

CooperativeBank The UK based Co-operative Bank will now attempt to rid the toxic commercial mortgages and loans, most of which stem from the acquisition of the Britannia Building Society in 2009. Moody’s said that the bank’s toxic debt ratio had risen..
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The Global Spring: Building a Cooperative World

25 April, 2013  

water-drops The United Nations estimates that 10% of the people in the world own 85% of the assets.  Such concentrated wealth, and the concentrated political influence that goes along with it, are bad for the general well-being of human society.  Building..
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Food co-op looks to expand with use of Neighborhood Bonds

30 March, 2013  

Neighborhood Bonds are one way to raise community money for something like a food co-op. Having grown up in Ft.Collins a recent article about a Food Co-op expansion in Ft. Collins, Colorado caught my eye. What I found extremely interesting is how they are looking to finance the new project with use of bonds...
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Collaborative Consumption and the 800 Pound Gorilla – Liability Insurance

21 February, 2013  

Collaborative Consumption I don’t think words can describe how passionate I am about Collaborative Consumption and all the amazing things it has already accomplished, along with the potential long-term affects it could have on this planet and mankind! Like many know, the..
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