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International Events Use Collaboration To Foster Real Change

25 October, 2013  

balloons If you’ve ever planned an event, you will fully appreciate the need for both leadership and collaboration. When it comes to brainstorming the ins and outs of an event—the goals, the keynote speaker, the promotion and all those other elements—the..
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Bedouins in Israel contend with education, unemployment, and losing their land – ignites empowerment!

14 August, 2013  

Bedouin People The Bedouin people aspire to  integrate into higher education, but they often suffer from low educational achievements in schools. Women are the primary caregivers within the Bedouin family and are unable to help their children with homework. Due to their..
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What will Happen to Cooperative Healthcare Now that The Congress Has Cut Funding?

30 June, 2013  

Healthcare Cooperative healthcare, which is one of the most popular types of healthcare options for the citizens of the USA, received a major hit when the Congress decided that it is going to cut the funding for health care cooperatives. This..
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Is Cooperation Rather than Competition Instinctive, or Is It Something We Improve on, As We Evolve As Humans?

27 June, 2013  

Competition The evolution of earth according to the Darwin’s theory of evolution is based on one rule – the survival of the fittest. This means that the people who are fit thwart the unfit people, step over them and live on,..
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How will Collaborative Consumption Impact Your Summer?

1 June, 2013  

Collaborative Consumption Summer is a time when people like to have fun and travel around. But for many, the constraint is finance. Then, there are other problems like the lack of know how about a particular place, transportation, accommodation, etc. For instance,..
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Boat Sharing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

3 April, 2013  

GetMyBoat-Homepage Boat Sharing:  An Idea Whose Time Has Come  The joy and thrill of boating is only matched by the painful reality of owning a boat. First, there’s the expense of buying one.  Then insurance.  Fuel, storage and gear all add..
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Kickstarter — all the Rage

20 March, 2013  

kickstarter-logo-k-color Crowdfunding should have never worked. Watching newspaper after newspaper fail after advertising spends softened and subscription prices couldn’t make up the difference, it seemed as though small payments made by a lot of people was a pipe dream in the..
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Startup Pedicap Cooperative Businesss In Providence Rhode Island

8 January, 2013  

pedicab Ashley, Ally, and Dave have each worked as pedicab drivers for the last year and are excited to finally start their own business in Providence. Rhode Island. They are a dynamic team excited to launch a new and creative venture..
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