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From Germany to Australia, a Global Perspective on Obamacare

6 November, 2013  

file1291279077714 The United States roll out of the Health Insurance Marketplace has turned into a massive technological mess, one that is overshadowing why the Affordable Care Act was created in the first place. And don’t forget the government shutdown last month,..
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Share The Road – Infrastructure Crucial to Bicycle Safety

17 August, 2013  

Bike Box in Portland I lay sprawled on the railroad track, the tire of my upturned bicycle still rotating. “Why,” I wondered to myself, “Do I always crash in my little hometown?” Ironically enough, I had been cycling in a bike lane that had..
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Madison’s Willy Street Co-op announces expansion

18 July, 2013  

Neighborhood Bonds are one way to raise community money for something like a food co-op. Madison's Willy Street Co-op to expand with a $4 million remodeling project, approved by the members earlier this week. The plan focuses on improving the shopping experience. Learn what they are doing.....
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Co Op 101 for Starting Your Own Business

21 June, 2013  

Business Working for someone can be tiring and every professional would have dreamed of having a company of his or her own in some stage of the professional career. However, this is easier said than done. Apart from the risk factor..
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A Cooperative Technology Aid Company that is Churning out Several Startups

18 June, 2013  

Company The fact that cooperatives are democratically managed and jointly owned is proving to be an attractive option for new technology startups today. The cooperatives also let free-lance technology experts to come together to give the world products that they would..
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Why Credit Unions Really are a Better Choice?

12 June, 2013  

Credit If you are finding it hard to decide between a credit union and a bank for your new account or a loan, you must try and understand the difference between them first. Both are similar in many ways but there..
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What are the Rules of Crowd Funding? How are they changing with JOBS Act?

6 June, 2013  

Crowd Funding The economy in the US is now on the path to recovery and small businesses, which are the primary source of jobs in the country, are seeking capital during this recovery. Crowd funding can come to their rescue with President..
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The Global Spring: Building a Cooperative World

25 April, 2013  

water-drops The United Nations estimates that 10% of the people in the world own 85% of the assets.  Such concentrated wealth, and the concentrated political influence that goes along with it, are bad for the general well-being of human society.  Building..
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Earth Day 2013!

22 April, 2013  

footerimg Happy Earth Day from! We here at feel that Earth Day is part of the embodiment of what we stand for.   Cooperation and collaboration can help the world in tremendous ways.  Simply connecting with others, communicating and increasing..
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Boat Sharing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

3 April, 2013  

GetMyBoat-Homepage Boat Sharing:  An Idea Whose Time Has Come  The joy and thrill of boating is only matched by the painful reality of owning a boat. First, there’s the expense of buying one.  Then insurance.  Fuel, storage and gear all add..
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