Anyone Seen the Workplace Comedy Santa Monica Co-op Stories?

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Coop Stories Workplace comedy. Will we see a Season 2?

Co-Op Stories is/was an on going comedic series about some of the daily activities that happen at the Co-Op in Santa Monica, Ca. I came upon this video series recently – being from Portland – it very much reminded me of home, and similar to the awkward and hilarious Portlandia.  Santa Monica writer/director Ben Wolfinsohn has created this half reality, mostly scripted web series. He has produced 17 episodes, but with an all volunteer crew, and an inability to use to Santa Monica Co-op location week after week, the show has temporarily/permanently stopped.

Wolfinsohn has directed four feature films and has had two previous web series that have been picked up by networks such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” channel.

“I’ve wanted to do a funny, interesting web series that involves around some daily activities at a grocery store for a while,” Wolfinsohn said. “The CO-OP was definitely a top choice in mind. Not only are there interesting people working at there, but the store promotes healthy eating/living.”

Comedic narratives tend to communicate more efficiently in the realm of social media, so he thought the videos would introduce the store to people who were previously unaware of the CO-OP, even though that wasn’t the primary goal of the project. “My intent was was to create a short videos that would entertain himself and his friends, and hopefully other people, too.  No one gets paid to make any of these videos. After filming each episode, I’d buy breakfast/food at the CO-OP for each person who participated, he said.”

Here is the Santa Monica Co-op Stories series. If you like it, let him know, maybe we can get a season two?

Here is Season 1, episode 1.


Co-op-stories All 17 Episodes

Co-op Stories Facebook Page





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