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Connect your project, business or organization to the people who demand Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Cooperation!

Cooperation in Action Crowd Funding raises money for businesses and projects that prioritizes social responsibility, and organizations using cooperation to achieve shared goals. If these practices are already building blocks of your business plan, then Coop.org is the place for you.

Our crowd funding model is unique because it allows users to promote not just a project, but an entire business. Our audience is interested in businesses and projects that include social responsibility, sustainability or some form of collaboration, not just a new clothing label or technological gadget.

Coop.org offers businesses and organizations a variety of tools to raise funds and build a dedicated audience.

More about our Cooperation in Action Crowd Funding

 Users can create their own crowd funding campaigns free of charge for businesses, projects or new ventures. This can be a brand new campaign or can support your existing crowd funding efforts. However, collaboration, cooperation or social responsibility must be an integral part of your business plan. That’s because Cooperation in Action is all about connecting people, building community and improving our world.

Other crowd funding sites are project based, meaning you cannot promote the business itself. At Coop.org, we understand that businesses are constantly growing and entering new stages. Starting up a business is only the first step.  Please see more via the guidelines link below…

Cooperation in Action Crowd Funding Guidelines 

News & Events

Coop.org is a hub for information about businesses, projects and issues surrounding cooperation, social responsibility, sustainability and related issues.

Businesses, organizations and individuals can submit stories to be added to the news feed and events page for free. We only publish quality original content that aligns with our goal of promoting collaboration and social responsibility. You’re not required to be a registered user to contribute. It’s a great way to get your news items in front of your target audience.

Coop.org is also seeking contributing writers. Writing for Coop.org is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in a subject related to collaboration or social responsibility, or share news about collaborations in your own community. Check out an example of a Coop.org author page. If you’d like to become a contributor, send us an email introducing yourself and your interest in writing for Coop.org.

More about us

Coop.org fosters cooperation.  It is core to our belief that cooperation can help us all.

Our mission is to share the amazing ways that individuals, businesses and nonprofits are cooperating in this world, and facilitate the success of these organizations. We believe that by fostering cooperation and collaboration, we can help make a better, healthier society.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Coop.org has connections and contributors from more than 35 countries and counting. Interested in collaboration with our team? Shoot us an email.

Cooperation (sometimes written co-operation or coöperation) is the process of working or acting together. In its simplest form it involves separate pieces working in harmony, like the parts of a bicycle. Or cooperation can involve something as complex as the inner workings of a human being or the social patterns of a nation. Computers are inherently cooperative, handling shared resources simultaneously, while sharing processor time. Hence, Coop.org.


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